On-page SEO is that the practice of optimizing sites to rank higher and acquire relevant traffic. If you’re 
looking for SEO services you ought to first know a touch bit more about the topic .
First, you ought to know that on-page refers to content and HTML code of a page and both must be optimized
to rank better on SEO UK.
On-page SEO changes permanently and it’s important to stay up with the newest practices.
When you write content, you ought to concentrate to be relevant. How you’ll do this? it’s easy, Google
itself is telling us: ” the foremost basic signal that information has relevancy is when a webpage contains an equivalent 
keywords as your search query. If those keywords appear on the page, or if they seem within the headings or
body of the text, the knowledge is more likely to be relevant.” So Google still searches for keywords on
your website, so you’ve got to concentrate to them. If you are feeling that you simply cannot write SEO friendly content,
you can find an SEO company UK to assist you during this area.
Another domain you ought to optimize it is the page loading speed. you’ll use Google Page Speed to check the
speed. If you’ve got a score of 85 or higher, your page is performing well. If not, you ought to investigate and
try to reach a better score.
The Bounce rate is another important component that you simply should check. The Bounce Rate means the
percentage of tourists who navigate faraway from the location after viewing only one page. If your Bounce Rate is
high, it means the content isn’t relevant for the visitor and you’ve got to seek out out why this happens. It can
be numerous factors, so if you are feeling overwhelm you’ll contact an SEO service UK to assist you improve your
On-page SEO still matters so you would like to pay extra attention thereto if you want to rank well in Google